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Celebrating our Emergency Services

These plaques are a little bit special. We never fail to notice the pride of The Emergency Services' Families and love to paint their stories.

There is a special discount for anyone buying an Emergency Servies plaque with hangers until December 1, 2020. First hanger (Home is where.. ) Free ! £6.00.  

In 1860 The Nightingale Training School opened in London. ( Also the name of our emergency services' hospitals set up for the Covid 19 crisis ). This training school was one of the first institutions to teach nursing as a formal profession. In 1948 The National Health Service offered free treatment for all.
The first modern Police Force in England was formed in 1829 by Sir Robert Peel.
In 1666 a spark from a bakery in Pudding Lane started The Great Fire of London. Not until 1833 did the city get a joined up, effective service.
During this Covid 19 crisis our teachers have been heros too. They have been providing vital classes for the children of our Key Workers who have saved so many lives. We think they deserve to be recognised.
Stay safe and take care everyone. We miss you all at the Bazaars and Shopping Malls.  Hope to see you soon or 'toodle pip' as we say here in England.

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