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Sometimes we work at the Aafes shopping mall. This is a much smaller set up and flexibility is key.  Its a challenge but a starbucks and cake always powers us through !!
Andy is a trained automotive design draughtsman and has worked on diverse projects including Ford, McLaren, and Lotus cars. He loves to get into his man cave and work with his CNC wood router.  
Elaine is front of sales and thank goodness has a great sense of humour ! She gets 10 out of 10 for effort at this Christmas fayre which we attended at Bury st Edmonds, England.
Ana is my niece and studying at Nottingham University, England. Nottingham is famous for the character Robin Hood who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. The ancient oak tree in which he used to hide still stands in Nottingham forest.
This is our favourite tractor and featured heavily in my wedding photos.
This is me cultivating the ground and preparing it ready to plant the next crop of wheat. Dad was not impressed because he said I was driving too fast !!
As we're a small farm, we get together and share machinery like combine harvesters ect.
This is Buddy the horse.  He's 15.2 hands high and pretty good at dressage although he's very lazy and prefers doing nothing !
One of the many jobs on the farm is to renew fencing. Its hard work but as long as we are supplied with tea and chocolate, its all good.
The white canopy we are standing under is a World War two silk tank parachute. Attempting to errect this on a breezy day and then decorate it with flowers was trickier than expected. Especially the thunderstorm which ripped all the flowers off the day before the wedding.

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