We're celebrating Veterans Day !

Whether you're marking a recent retirement or wish to remember an illustrious career from the past, we can recommend a Woodlands Plaque full of all the details which make every story unique. We want to celebrate Veterans Day with you by offering the Retirement hanger free (£6) when you purchase a plaque set for someone special.
We wanted to celebrate the career of a military hero in our family.  James Wingham was An Able Seaman in the British Navy in WW1, surviving a torpedo attack. Later as a T/A in WW2 driving fuel tankers.
On one occasion he bravely drove the fuel tanker away from the building of his American colleagues in the middle of an air raid attack saving many lives. These mechanics presented him with a set of tools which his grandson (my husband) still cherishes today.
Hope to see all our lovely customers at the ROB fall bazaar in November !

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